Before we get digging…


To adopt the small verge we need to get the permission from the owner of the land. For this piece of land we need to get permission from Wokingham Borough Council.

On 2 February 2018, we contacted WBC Highways department to understand what would be required to adopt the land. The Highways Maintenance department replied on 5 February 2018 and they outlined four things would be required.

  1. Do a utility search to understand what utilities are underneath the ground.
  2. Complete a risk assessment
  3. Get public liability insurance for £10million
  4. Get a Licence to plant from the Highways Inspector at a cost of £317

This is quite barrier to get started. All we want to do is get planting and get the garden ready for spring. Not knowing where to start we contacted Wokingham in Bloom to see if they could lend a hand.

The Wokingham in Bloom team were really supportive as soon as we pitched the idea. They agreed to help us with the project and help us with the administration required. By putting the project under the Wokingham in Bloom banner we are able to utilise the Public Liability Insurance that they have.

In later posts we’ll share the risk assessment that Wokingham Bloom put together for us as well as our plan for raising the money for the Licence to Plant.



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