Overwhelmingly positive

The feedback so far on the idea of adopting the piece of land has been overwhelmingly positive by the local residents.

A total of 20 households on Gipsy Lane have given their support and many with a promise to help dig, to keep the site watered and weeded or to donate plants.

Those who were available on Wednesday 21 March met in the Duke’s Head to talk through the next steps for the project and together we made some decisions on the approach that we would take.

The core principles are:

  • Plant shrubs and plants that give an interest all year round.
  • Have a patch that can be used for seasonal plants but not the whole site. This will keep maintenance low and allow for annual variation.
  • Initially condition the soil and then have a weed proof membrane and cover the area with wood chip. There are quite a lot of perennial weeds that will need pulling out and suppressing.
  • Protect the site with some low posts to prevent vehicles accidentally driving on to the site.

One of the residents has researched plants that would be suitable for the sheltared shady garden and these will be posted on here soon.

The next big milestone is to get the licence to plant approved. We should hear more on that by the end of the week.

Thank you everyone for your support.


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