Stage 1 complete

Despite the drizzle 10 residents of Gipsy Lane got their hands dirty on Sunday 8th April 2018 to transform the weed-ridden verge into an area almost ready for planting.

The task was to pull out all the weeds, turnover the soil and put in some small posts. I’m pleased to say that in 5 hours we were done.




The soil was better than expected

As we stuck in our first spade we were delighted to find that the soil was nice rich loam. We were expecting that the soil to be heavily compacted and more like clay. It was a nice surprise!

During the dig we were very careful in case there were any low lying utilities in there. Our risk assessment said we should be fine but we were very careful nonetheless. Fortunately we found nothing on the site.

The next steps

We will meet up again on Sunday 15 April at 10am. During this session we will turn over the soil again and pick out any additional weeds that have grown.

A weed proof membrane will then be put over the site to suppress the weeds further.

As a team we decided that further compost or sand would not really be needed as the soil looked good. We will therefore save the donations that we have had towards compost and put it towards the plants.

Unexpected find

We didn’t expect to find anything in the soil so this 1959 Halfpenny was a nice surprise.


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